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Group Ignite excels at creating world-class experiences for its partners, investors and clients. We achieve this through an unparalleled client base and leadership across the spectrum of medical and cosmetic services and products. 

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      Cosmetic Surgery

      Providing excellent Cosmetic Surgery procedures for both Men and Women is a core service that the Group Ignite companies excel well in. Led by our highly experienced cosmetic surgeons, we can provide the extra care, support, and advise for our patients to achieve their physical goals. We have a vast array of experience in cosmetic surgical procedures that range from breast implants to eyelid rejuvenation to ensure we cater for all of our patients’ requests.

      Cosmetic Medicine

      Our highly trained medical professionals take pride in the range of treatments offered, as Group Ignite aims to provide the best standard of cosmetic medicine. With years of experience across various cosmetic medicine procedures such as Acne Management, Collagen Stimulation, Dermal Fillers and Thread lifting to name a few, our medical staff keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques to ensure we continue to deliver the best standard.

      Cosmetic and General Dentistry

      At Group Ignite, we ensure we have accomplished Dentists and highly experienced dental assistants with proven experience in cosmetic and general dentistry. Dental procedures vary from hygiene care, dental fillings, and teeth whitening to dealing with mouth and teeth pain.

      Cosmetic Products

      Group Ignite believes in the importance skincare products and ensuring they have been formulated under careful supervision of medical professionals. Manufacturing products in Australia and being able to distribute effectively across Australia

      Beauty & Health

      Group Ignite has evolved Beauty and Health, by providing a luxurious space offering bespoke beauty and skincare treatments including spa relaxation services. Combining the latest in technology, with highly-skilled and caring staff, Group Ignite Beauty & Health services allow customers to feel as if they have travelled to their favourite holiday location, without the need for travel.

      IV Therapy

      Providing premium, high-potency medically formulated IV Drips administered by only highly-qualified medical staff, Group Ignite ensures only the best and most premium treatments are available to their patients, and avoid the use of cheaper alternatives.

      Consultation Services

      Group Ignite, has a vast experience across various medical practices and concerns, and can provide consultation and advise on your medical practice. From treatments, and sourcing the right medical suppliers to establishing best practice processes, procedures and protocols as well as implementation of business strategies and innovative software that affects all areas of the business.

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